Creating stronger relationship with customers with CRM Consulting by HatamTehrani’s group

The biggest problem and anxiety of business owners in each moment is to earn more income, however under such circumstance of business which is now around the world and change in the needs of customers, achieving this issue is only possible through creating value for customer and stablishing effectiveness relationship with customer.

If you are looking for increasing income in your business, in the first step instead of surviving different ways of advertising and considering various discounts, think about planning a program for making customers loyal, increasing customers satisfaction level ,and creating an amazing experience for customer. After doing this your income will increase automatically and there is no need to plan programs of selling by force!

With purchasing a CRM software you can’t implement it’s culture in the organization as well

8 گام شگفت انگیز در ارتباط با مشتری

With the experience of more than 10 years in training, consultation and research, in the field of customer relationship management, I come to this conclusion that absence of professional consulter in the areas of absorbing customer, engagement of customer, give service to customer, keeping customer, references of customer, has made different problems for managers and international entrepreneurs for implementation of customer relationship management system. I will do all my efforts to help you increase the level of customers contact with your organization and in each moment incrementing   your income from each customer.

This is Hamid Tehrani, founder of HatamTehrani group, some of my activities are the following one :

  • A writer of 8 amazing steps in customer relationship
  • Presenting more than 10000 hours of speech in the field of CRM
  • Editing more than 50 educational papers
  • Teacher of Intra-organizational courses in more than 350 company
  • Holding more than 250 specialized webinars
  • Consulter and coach of companies and small and big organizations in the field of CRM

I am here to help you implement all aspects of customer relationship management in your business and through that create different experiences for your customers.

:Services of Hatam Tehrani’s group are the following one

مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری - crm consulting
  • Holding training courses in the field of customer relationship management
  • Consultation in designing and running customer’s club
  • professional Consultation in the field of implementing customer relationship management system
  • selection and establishment of CRM software
  • Automation the processes which are related with customers
  • Running center channel
  • Designing sales funnel and increasing business conversion rate
  • For consultation in the field of CRM, you can contact this whatsApp number or fill the consultation form .
مدیریت خدمات

Frequently Asked Questions

HatamTehrani’s CRM consultation group is what?

Helping organizations in order to identify  customers, absorbing customers, keeping customers and make them loyal, references of customers, increasing customers satisfaction, data mining and analyzing customers treatment, creating an amazing experience, selection and implementation of proper  CRM software, designing sale funnel, designing center channel, are Part of consulting services of Hatam Tehrani ‘s group .

How much does CRM consulting service cost?

The cost of consulting service is different according to the need of business

Cooperation is possible in two ways, hourly consulting or project consulting

For more information contact us in whatsApp or Email.

Email: info(@)

Are you travelling around the world for CRM consultation?

Yes, accepting consultation is not limited to the country or special business, if you have customer it means you need consultation.

Is online consultation available too?

Yes, you can select online consultation when you are completing consultation form

Are you a software company in the field of CRM?

No, Hatam Tehrani’s group is not software  company and our significant focus is on implementing system and method in the field of CRM.

Are you giving consultation about sale increasing and increment of customers to the businesses as well?

Yes, according to the experiences that we have in increasing sale and incrementing customers ,we do this work with guarantee.

Right now fill in the form below or stay in touch with our WhatsApp number