hatamclub customer club software

Introducing Hatam Club customer club software, which helps you improve your conversion rate and increase customer retention and maintenance.

Launching a customer club is a requirement for all businesses in the current circumstances, in order to provide better services to their customers and encourage them to repeat their purchases at any moment and have a long-term relationship with your business.

Hatam Club’s Windows-based software transforms your business in a simple and intelligent way without the need for server costs and concerns about internet disconnection.

All customer information is stored on your system and no one will have access to it.

Features of Hatem Club software

lottery customerclub


The possibility of drawing lots between customers based on different rules such as: customers of special goods, customers who have special points, deduction of points in the lottery, etc.

invoice software

Invoice registration and management

Ability to register and manage invoices for customers, register various payment documents, along with professional invoice printing

rules loyalty program

Customer club rules

The customer can receive points for different parameters, such as: volume of purchase, type of goods, order of purchase, date of birth, etc.

profile customerclub

Professional profiles of clients

Record and display customer information professionally, the ability to view purchases, points, files, notes, comments, reminders, customer level, etc.

goods of customerclub

Management of goods/services

The possibility of registering and managing goods and services in the software along with the code, price and points of each, manually or as an Excel file.

reminder club software

Manage reminders in the software

The possibility of recording reminders based on date and time for all customers and the possibility of sending short messages or software pop-ups

award customerclub

Customer Club Awards

It is possible to convert the points of all customers into an amount of Rials with just one click, the possibility of spending points for invoice payments in the software, etc.

report of customerclub

Professional reporting

The possibility of receiving various reports from the software based on various parameters and variables such as: customer referrals, customer status analysis, customer behavior, customer return, etc.

  • Ability to export all customer data to Excel

  • Integration with SMS panel

  • Ability to set various alerts for customers

  • Ability to score employees

  • Ability to add products and services

  • Easy and fast installation and setup

  • Ability to tag customers

  • The ability to set the access level of employees

Purchase of Hatem Club customer club software

Lifetime purchase:249euro

Unlimited license

Permanent free support

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of customers

Free update



After purchasing, send a message on WhatsApp to the following number so that the software download link will be sent to you

hatamclub support

Customer club software representative request

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Customer feedback

The simplest, cheapest and most efficient software in the world

Tommy E. Walker

This software is designed by a professional consultant and is completely different from other software, congratulations to Mr. Hatam Tehrani

Amanda M. Newell

A professional software that really surprised me, I suggest you implement this software in your business.

Christopher J. Arnett

دوره جــادوی فــروش در دیــــوار رونمایی شد

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